We are excited to have here the beginnings of a brand new initiative in Luna's stylistic evolution, an approach that he describes as "Energy Abstracts". Although these paintings deal with esoteric subject matter similar to that which we find in his Amazonian Mythology paintings, these new works bear a striking contrast to the Mythology works, not only in content but in form.

In his Mythology paintings, Luna, acting as historian, gives us carefully detailed iconographic paintings that refer to specific events and places in the spiritual folklore of the Amazonian people. In his Energy Abstracts, Luna and his paintings take a sharp departure from the orderly world of historical record. These works appear purely kinetic and fluid as if they exist in another dimension where form and color are in constant flux.

Plunging us deeply into what might be an energetic precursor to our sensate world, Luna provides us with temporary passes to the difficult atmosphere of pure energy. If his mythology and landscape paintings give us the static conditions of the spiritual and the visible worlds, then his Energy Abstracts try to capture the energetic transactions that occur between those two places.

Luna will soon have a number of new Energy Abstract paintings that will attempt to explore the powerful and creative language of living energy.

Ayauma and the Energy of the Planets